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Great Western Malting

1705 NW Harborside Drive 
Vancouver, WA 98660  

General Inquires- Vancouver, WA 
(360) 693-3661 
Fax(360) 905-3378

General Inquires- Pocatello, ID 
(208) 234-1260 

If you require further information concerning any aspect of Great Western Malting and how we can be of service to you, please contact us using the following details:

Vancouver Bulk Orders
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Clay Kaasa- Director of USA Grain Procurement

Human Resources 
Dale Paul - Human Resources 
Tabby Decker - Human Resources Advisor




Brad Loucks - Commercial Director   
Tyler Schoales - Sales Manager 
Mike Heinrich - Sales Manager  
Sue Abbott - North America Logistics Manager

Scott Garden - Director of Research and Technical Services 
Rich Joy - North America Director of Malting  
Jan Landry - Food Safety and Quality Systems Manager  
Mawill Rodriguez - North America Quality Manager

Jay Hamachek - Director Global Compliance & CSR   
Mike O'Toole - President, Great Western Malting Company

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