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Organic Superior Pilsen

Flavor Profile

Organic Superior Pilsen

Crisp and clean as the air on Mount Rainier, this two row malt is simply superior. It’s perfect for brewing the malty, light-colored lagers and ales we all crave after a hearty day in the great outdoors.

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Flavor Profile

Crisp, delicate, smooth, clean


ASBC Color


Moisture (%)


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Available Packaging

Bulk Pneumatic truck, Super sack, 55lb bag

Additional Information

We produce our Organic Superior Pilsen Malt with care and a very gentle processing regime. By utilizing low protein barley and a delicate kilning program, we can create a fully-functional base malt with accentuated extract and low color formation.

Typical Uses

Light base malt suitable for all beer styles including pilsner, light-colored lagers and ales.
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