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Crystal 150 Malt

Flavor Profile

Crystal 150 Malt

Mastery. It's what brewers and distillers strive for and why they have relied on Great Western Malt since the day Prohibition ended. Today, you'll find our Crystal malts at the heart of award-winning beer and spirits throughout North America.

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Flavor Profile

Burnt toffee, bitter chocolate


ASBC Color


Moisture (%)


Protein (%)



Up to 10%

Available Packaging

Bulk Pneumatic truck, Super sack, 55lb bag

Additional Information

Our Crystal malts are produced in Vancouver, Washington inside custom-designed roasting drums in order to develop a full, rich profile. Pacific Northwest barley is hand-selected to craft a line of products that provide a range of flavors from soft and sweet caramel to burnt toffee.

Typical Uses

Amber, porter, stout, barley wine, dark lager, ale and more
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