As part of a global family of brands, Canada Malting Co., Great Western Malting, and Country Malt Group all share the same values of diversity, equity and inclusion. With one foot in the farming community and the other placed firmly in the craft beverage industry, we’re passionate about empowering women and non-binary individuals across the supply chain; from the barley fields to our malthouses, and from our distribution centers to the taprooms.

The Pink Boots Malt was born from the idea to involve more members of the industry in our efforts to uplift women and non-binary colleagues, as malt is a core ingredient for both brewers and distillers. With each bag purchased, a donation is made to the Pink Boots Society scholarship fund in the US and Canada to support their mission: to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry.

The Pink Boots Malt is a seasonal craft base malt product, appropriate for both brewing and distilling. Each year, it will highlight a different barley variety and subtle differences in base malt characteristics.

The 2024 Pink Boots Malt features the Odyssey barley variety grown across the Pacific Northwest. Originally from the UK, Odyssey is a well-established variety perfect for creating a well-balanced, low color malt. Its unique characteristics have helped to produce a low-GN, high extract Pilsen-style malt product, appropriate for a range of beer and whiskey styles.

  • Color (SRM): 1.6
  • Moisture: 4.5
  • Protein: 10.5
  • Extract: 83%
  • GN: 0.5 max
  • PSY: 400 min

Limited volumes of the Pink Boots Malt is produced each year, so don’t miss out!