Great Western Malting offers an extensive variety of malts and grains designed to inspire your creativity and aid in your ability to produce flavorful spirits that leave the lasting impression you desire.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products, including organic and identity-preserved malts, provide unique opportunities for recipe development and experimentation. In addition, our commitment to sustainable production practices and the development of State grown malts may afford you tax-incentives offered to distillers for using locally produced ingredients.

With over 85 years of experience servicing our customers, we value our history of reliability and reputation for providing quality products and services.

We know it is important to your brand to understanding where your ingredients are sourced and to have a partner like Great Western Malting who cares as much about your product as you do. Your creativity, skill, and unwavering dedication to your craft is what fuels your success. We are honored and proud when you make us a part of your story.

Three Types of Distilling Malt

Customers only want the best – but what exactly does that mean? Below are three malt types that provide the enhanced performance and value distillers’ demand.

High-Enzyme Malt

When you think of fine bourbon, you likely think of that stimulating hit of alcohol followed by smooth flavors that deliver the perfectly balanced taste. We understand that maximizing the potential of all the ingredients in your recipe is important, and that malt performance should not come at the expense of taste. The high enzyme levels of our High-Enzyme Malt allow for efficient alcohol production without compromising the essential and sometimes subtle flavors in your distillate.

Non-GN Malt

Optimal Pacific NW weather conditions and a team of experienced growers allow us to source barley and produce malts that are unparalleled in the industry. Non-GN Malt is a complete package of highly available starches and sugars, with just the right levels of enzymes and other nutrients, resulting in malt with superior spirits yield. Our access to Odyssey, as well as other esteemed non-glycosidic nitrile producing barley varieties (non-GN), allow us to meet the discerning needs of American single malt whiskey producers.

Specialty Malts

Specialty malts can be thought of as the “fine seasoning” in the distiller’s portfolio of flavors. Depending on addition amounts and recipe, they may be a subtle flavor addition or a primary flavor driver in your beverage. Specialty malts we provide include crystal and roasted malts, as well as other products derived from grains such as rye and wheat. Regardless of your preference, we have a malt that will contribute flavors and aromas that you will consider an integral part of your distinctive drink.

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Featured Product:

Biscuit Rye

Perfect for those distillers who want a more toasty-spicy flavor addition in their whiskeys, Biscuit Rye Malt was developed in our Malt Innovation Center and commercially released in 2020. Starting with the finest rye malt, we intensify the flavors with our proprietary roasting process, delivering smooth rye malt perfection. Slightly spicy, slightly bold…. all of what you want in a roasted rye malt!

Biscuit Rye is available in 55lb bags, and totes from Country Malt Group.

Read more about Biscuit Rye Malt on the product page here.