Barley for Great Western Malting is sourced from growers across 5 states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California. Long term relationships have been established and our barley procurement specialists frequently visit growers on site to check on the barley growth and quality.

Growers work with GWM to grow barley that has agronomic traits beneficial to the grower and malting traits beneficial to the maltster.

Agronomic Traits:

  • Yield
  • Plant Height
  • Days to Maturity
  • Grain Protein
  • Kernel Size
  • Disease Resistance
Malting Traits:

  • Kernel Size
  • Extract Potential
  • Grain Protein
  • Grain Starch Content
  • Enzyme Potential
  • Husk Strength

Winter Barley harvest begins July and Spring barley harvest begins August to early October.