On Monday March 9th, 2020, in honor of International Women’s Day, Great Western Malting hosted a collaboration brew in our Malt Innovation Center which has its very own Pilot Brewing System.  The event was open to all employees in Vancouver, including the Vancouver Country Malt Group Distribution Center and our Corporate office.  With 5 guest women Brewers, there were over 25 in attendance!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to understand our business, our customers and the industry.  The event has historically been in conjunction with the international charity, Pink Boots Society’s annual brew day, timed to coincide with International Women’s Day.  Before this year, the event had only been open to our female colleagues.  This year we opened it up to all colleagues and each had the opportunity to learn about the malting process, take a lab and plant tour, brew a beer, and participate in a Q&A session with our guest Commercial brewers.

The team and our guests ended the learning day at Trap Door Brewing where we had our March Employee Appreciation Party and are looking forward to tasting their work from Monday at the May Employee Appreciation Party.