We are excited to release Virtual Malting Odyssey, a virtual reality (VR) experience that starts in Idaho fields and ends at Great Western Malting’s state of the art malt plant in Pocatello, Idaho. The Virtual Malting Odyssey invites beer and whiskey enthusiasts to join in an exclusive immersive virtual reality experience with 360-degree video in 5K resolution.

Participants can experience the beginning of barley’s journey to beer in the field with a virtual ride alongside a farmer in his tractor in Pocatello, Idaho. Continue the journey with the harvested barley’s sights and sounds through all the malting stages; steeping, germination, and kilning. The tour ends with a visit to Great Western Malting’s quality control laboratory, the last stop before the finished malt is distributed to brewers and distillers. 

Through this Virtual Malting Odyssey experience, we want to provide brewers, distillers, and consumers a direct connection to the barley’s journey to malt, the backbone of craft beer and craft spirits.

The Virtual Malting Odyssey can best be experienced with any VR headset or on YouTube with 360-degree mouse or touch-screen scrolling, available at https://youtu.be/vrAHP6BXgtI.

*VR headset recommended, but not required.
*Headphones highly recommended.