We are pleased to announce the launch of two new high-quality malts to add to our wide variety of existing grain products, Light Munich Malt and Biscuit Rye Malt. Both malts were created in response to discussions with brewers looking for higher quality specialty malts with unique flavor profiles, sourced out of the United States.

Our Malt Innovation Center team was able to respond quickly to this opportunity using the team’s experience in both malting and brewing to create two very special malts.

We then worked with our Distribution company, Country Malt Group and our own industry contacts to partner with breweries to try the malts and provide real-world feedback. Those Commercial brewers who participated in the trial were very pleased with the results, commented on the unique flavors and would brew with it again.

Light Munich Malt follows the release of Dark Munich Malt in 2019 and it is a lighter version of regular Munich malt. Like regular Munich malt, it can be used as a base malt as well as a specialty malt and has brewed well in a variety of lighter beer styles. It has a coppery hue and can be used to lighten a typical Munich-based beer. Learn more and download the sell sheet on the Light Munich Malt product page at: LIGHT MUNICH MALT

The Biscuit Rye has all the spiciness you would expect from a malted rye grain with the toasty, cracker flavors the biscuit roasting process adds. The test brewers commented on its depth of flavor, and balance that is softer than a traditional rye. It also offers a whiskey aroma effect, and to that end, can be an effective fuel source for distillers as well as brewers. Read more product information and typical analysis data at: BISCUIT RYE MALT

Both of these high-quality malts can be purchased in 55 lb bags at any one of our 13 North America Country Malt Group Distribution Centers or contact the GWM sales team for more information on bulk sales.