On October 1, 2019, Clark Public Utilities presented a check in the amount of $468,757 to Great Western Malting as incentive for energy savings. By installing more efficient kiln fans for the Vancouver, WA Compartment House in 2018, GWM was able to save almost 1.5 Million kWh annually. In addition, the team saved another 300,000 kWh in another project involving barley cleaning, bringing the total annual savings to 1.8 Million kWh. The presentation was witnessed by a full-house of Malt employees also enjoying a hosted BBQ lunch at Great Western Malting’s Vancouver, WA campus.

The incentive payment is the result of a multi-year partnership between GWM and Clark Public Utility District to reduce overall energy use. Since 2016 the Vancouver Plant has worked closely with Clark Public Utilities completing 11 projects resulting in annually savings of 6.8 Million kWh of electricity, 89,000 Therms, 5.9 Million cubic meters of Water & 67,000 cubic meters of Effluent.